Thursday, 1 December 2011

Why I'm an anti-feminist

Feminism was great in the past when it secured women the vote and the same opportunities as men. What is objectionable however is the disregard for equality that feminists today routinely show. They want quotas for jobs where women are under represented, despite the fact that with all these jobs where there are fewer than 50% women get far more men applying than they get women applying. The police force for example, get a lot more men applying whilst hairdressing salons get a lot more women applying? Why could this be? Ahh, perhaps because women are more averse to violence (seeing dead bodies and pictures of dead bodies etc in the police force) and more interest in hair styles and hair colours. These are of course generalisations as lots of men like hair styles and lots of women aren’t bothered by corpses but in the main this is true. Thus, if 40 men and 2 women apply for a police job, the police will be under pressure from “diversity quotas” to employ a woman, even though the pool is far smaller and discrimination against men is clearly taking place. I have never seen women mention gender disparity in jobs which are mostly occupied by females.

Women can have children but they can also choose not to have children. Employers are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of a woman being of child bearing age though. Small businesses can be ruined by having to pay a woman wages as she goes off to have a child/look after it whilst she is doing no work for the company. Men are not allowed to have random paid years off with the guarantee of their job afterwards.

This is not even mentioning the millions of pounds of taxpayer money spent on “programs” to do things like attract women into science and engineering. Women have the legal rights to contest being unfairly discriminated against and I personally hate the idea of being given a job just because I’m female and just to fill quotas.

This is barely scratching the surface on anti equality measures feminists support, but essentially, yes I am anti feminism. I am for women having the same rights as men (they have more rights at the moment) and gay/people of colour having the same rights as everyone else, but I remain staunchly anti-feminist due to the fact I want equality, not a world in which men are made to grovel and apologise as second class citizens which modern feminists advocate.

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